Sorry, guys, but I will no longer run this blog. This is my main, however, so it has to stay. Leaving it with queues isn’t the solution.

I invite you, though, to my marvel blogs on which I’m active: comic-bucky and comic-loki. See you there, pals!

To my friends from this particular blog: me stopping to run this blog doesn’t mean I stop with you all. So, you know, I’m just turning my focus on my two other blogs, and I’m still here for you.

Love you all, and this is not goodbye, remember. I just switch my blogs. 


Every day is a creative act: a step closer to becoming who you want to be.” - TWH


We’re all flawed heroes. Responsibility is power. Take responsibility for the consequences of your actions, and the world is yours. Everything is a choice." - TWH


so i got to meet my idol today, the one and only tom hiddleston. i made him laugh twice, he gave me a hug and held my hands. it was the best experience ever for me. to meet my favourite celebrity and him actually speak to me for a few minutes. 

I also had the honour of meeting jessica, she was absolutely perfect and nice and friendly. she gave me a hug and gave off happiness

i just want to say thank you to both for making june 6th 2014 a day i will never forget


hahahahahahaha 무서운 언니들일세..




Tom Hiddleston sighting in Toronto - Filming for Crimson Peak on April 23, 2014

Ballroom attire???

Good God Almighty. And are those White GLOVES he is holding? Shhhhh… don’t tell


Photography by Lorenzo Agius for Telegraph Magazine 13’
I hate delete annoying watermarks but I love those two photos so I thought in give a chance to all of you :D